Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's so funny?

Here's the first of many wedding pics I dug out. Dave, John and Jim are probably laughing about how they punked Paul the night before while partying at the Dew Drop Inn. There were about 10 of us there, my 3 older brothers, these 3, my sister-in-law, my friend Claire... minding our own business (drinking), when Big Foot comes over to our table demanding, "Are you Paul Stickney from Chicago?" Paul could not speak. Then the guy says "You got my 16-year-old daughter pregnant," while he starts moving toward Paul. My brothers are saying "you got the wrong guy," as the entire bar is now fixed on this mounting drama. In the meantime, I step between Big Foot and Paul and for some reason (adrenalin) I am tapping Big Foot's face with my open hand (not hard enough to say slapping) and repeat what my brothers were say "you got the wrong guy."

Ok, so now a table nearby of drunk lumberjacks are wanting a piece of the action. That's when these 3 guys stepped in to say they had set the whole thing up. Big Foot, it turns out, was a tourist from California. He laughed, they laughed... it was awhile before we could laugh. Gotta admit it has made a good story to tell all these years!! Thanks guys.


P.S. The lumberjacks were bummed there wasn't a brawl.


Jan Lochridge-Long said...

I can't believe I had forgotten about the near-brawl incident! But not I DO remember you, little Mary, stepping in between and lightly slapping the guy's face, letting him know that he could mess with anyone but YOU!!! NICE FRIENDS!!! LOVE THE PICTURE!

Mary and Paul said...

Ha!! I left out the part where this guy from California bear hugs both me and Paul at the same time, me in the middle, and my glasses break!!

I want you to know that I am waiting for the right time to post pics of YOU too. Do you remember your hair??? Just keep in mind this blog is all about the love.