Saturday, August 23, 2008

More pictures

My brother Jim had to play dog whisperer with his BIG dog Lola and tiny KoKo who believed he was alpha dog, but Lola disagreed. This was on Friday morning. Lots of fun!
My dad and little KoKo who my brother is dog-sitting...

At the top of Going to the Sun Road in Glacier.

Mountain top view.

This is part of the path UP to a lookout at Logan Pass, the summit of Going to the Sun Road.

This rock bridge on the Going to the Sun Road is one of the more famous features.

From my parent's front porch in Lakeside.
Irelyn and others in Missoula.

At Jim & Dawn's house in Missoula.
Adorable and crazy Lochridges: Teya (pink), Danny (hat), Eddy (no shirt), & Irelyn (white shirt). Boys belong to Jim and Dawn, girls belong to Dan and Lorie.
Manny at Idaho rest area, getting close to Montana border!!!

Idaho potato field.

Palisades resevoir in Idaho.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures are awesome. It sounds like you are having a great time. I started school today. I wish I were in your shoes traveling around the country with the manny!