Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's still there, but older - just like us

We made it!! This is where we stood 30 years ago and said "I do!" Just like us, the campgroun appeared to have aged. 30 years ago the structure where we got married had been newly built by my family members and others. Today it is weather-worn and seemed a little darker. Still, it was sweet to be there.

My brother John, Paul and I also visited the Dew Drop Inn. That was almost unrecognizable. Gambling machines line the walls and there are no tables to sit at. It is for sale: $1 million, but they will negotiate. Ha.

We then went into Glacier Park and drove the Going to the Sun Highway. It was of course spectacular - and scary. We hiked up (and up and up) to a lookout (Ok, John and Paul made it there, I fell short by about a half mile).

Frank and Shirley (my parents) stayed behind. It has been so great to spend time with them. Today we went to a classic boat show here in Lakeside and every person we were introduced to says how wonderful they are, how they have done so much for the community, how they like them yada, yada. They ARE wonderful people.

Before we got here we stayed overnight Wednesday in Missoula with my brother Jim and his wife Dawn and kids Danny and Eddy. We got to spend time with my nephew Dan and his wife Lorie and kids Irelyn and Teya. It was a nice end to a looong drive. Of course we watched the USA women soccer beat Brazil for Olympic Gold!! Then we headed out...
Droppings contest:
We got one guess on the droppings - Debbie Bishop - who will win the grand prize. She guessed raccoon, which we think is wrong. My nephew's book of such things shows it likely was elk for the larger scat and maybe fox for the small stuff. GOOD GUESS Debbie!! We not sure what your prize will be, but it will be good!

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