Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family pics

Paul nicely captured my brother Andy's gigantic house in Philipsburg, Mont. It has four rental units. Andy and Brenda live in one of the units and the others are being renovated. Andy has done all the work himself until recently. Of course the parents have helped when they visit him. The day we were there a guy he has hired had just put in new windows, the kind that stick out and you can put plants in them... Andy said it took the guy 5 hours to do what would have taken him the weekend to complete... See Manny in the bottom right-hand corner? Paul was in the car when he took the picture. BTW: Andy is on the town council.

View of area between Philipsburg and Anaconda, Mont. OK, we get it. Montana is beautiful.

Interesting business in Philipsburg. That is a saw sculpture of Sasquatch.

Here's Flathead Lake taken on the mile walk up to my parent's house in Lakeside, Mt. Not bad. It is one of the more beautiful places in this country. My parents' place is an older A-frame across the road from the lake, up a hill. My kids call it the "tree house" because it is surrounded by trees and not really visible until you reach the bottom of their driveway. I really hate that I didn't take any pics of their house. Next time.

Here's my handsome brother Andy holding what is believed to be fossilized palm tree found in the area around Philipsburg, a gift he gave to us. Paul gave him a painting. And, Paul , also handsome, is holding his carved bear he bought in Philipsburg.

Here's my dad, brother John, and mom at the classic boat show in Lakeside, Mt. on Flathead Lake. They are pretty classic themselves. John always makes your stay more fun. He's probably the family favorite... we all admire that he has been working with at risk boys for 25ish years. The folks were gracious hosts, their place looks great. They both looked great. My mom continues to look 20 years younger than she is.

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