Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leaving Mika at home

Until just recently, we were going to take border collie Mika with us on our journey. Paul had to concede, reluctantly, that it would be way to hard for his favorite living being. He was reading that dogs won't be allowed on some of the hiking trails... something about them attracting wild animals?? Sigh. Absence makes the heart ...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Manny is like our fourth child the way we talk about "her." She is our anniversary gift to each other and she will be home from Aug. 15-Sept. 1.
Here's Paul outside the Manny (short for TrailManor) at Joe Pool Lake.

Inside we have toilet, shower, 2 sinks (kitchen, bath), stove, cable hookups, heating and AC.
Although we had good intentions about using it a lot before the trip, we have only been to local Joe Pool Lake overnight a couple of times. My brother Jim and his wife Dawn stayed in Manny (parked in our driveway) while here for Andrea's wedding. They said it worked for them.
Manny is going to be a big part of our adventure...

30 Years Ago...

30 Years Ago....

Paul Stickney and Mary Lochridge embarked on an adventure that continues to this day.

The two met in 1977 in Vermillion, South Dakota, both were in their final year as undergraduates at the University of South Dakota. It was love at first sight .... for Paul. Soon after meeting, Mary would discover Paul "lingering" at her apt. building or he would be walking through the halls of the communications building where he had no classes but where all of Mary's classes were. One afternoon, Mary looked up from her classroom to see Paul peering inside, grinning at her.

Today we would call it stalking. Still, Paul prevailed and on August 19, 1978, they were married at Glacier Campground in Montana. Mary and Paul will be returning to Glacier Campground to mark their 30 years of marriage. That trip will begin August 15. We hope to communicate to all through this blog during our trip.

Be kind in your comments, our children will be reading this.

Montana or Bust!!!!