Thursday, August 28, 2008

We made it home!!!

We made it home late Wednesday night. It was a loooong drive home. But it was a beautiful reunion between Paul and Mika... this will be our last blog.

One of the nice things about driving is being able to see places you would never otherwise see. Some views were more impressive than others, like the vastness of Wyoming and the snow-capped peaks of Tetons and Rockies. But just as impressive were the crops (wheat, beans, potatoes, sunflowers, corn) that covered a gazillion acres. And the wild herds of antelope, deer that we never tired of seeing mostly in Wyoming. It also was interesting to see those gigantic wind generators in just about every state we were in (Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming).

We also saw some things that were somewhat disturbing, such as the cattle lots outside of Greeley, Colo. We will not soon forget the smell from the seemingly millions of cattle being held in gigangtic feed lots. Also, the apparent poverty on the Indian Reservations is always disappointing. Casinos obviously are not benefiting everyone, even though they are everywhere. Then there were the state rest stops and gas stations, some were worse than others, a lot worse. Enough said about that.

Lochridge family reunion is on for next summer. Because no one will come to Texas in July, some of us discussed Montana -- Missoula/Philipsburg. They are pretty close. Pburg has a lot to offer: hiking to mining trails, Georgetown Lake, Philipsburg is a great place, RV, tenting areas... think about it.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who followed our wonderful little journey back in time. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with you!!

Mary & Paul

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