Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day Three

Wyoming: Wildlife (I think antelope)
Wyoming: Snake River

Wyoming: Dirty energy.

Wyoming: Clean energy. Wind generators as far as you could see.

Kansas country road.

Kansas sunflower, saw the biggest field just outside of Denver.

Kansas, these seemed to come outta nowhere. Beautiful in morning fog.

Manny in foggy Kansas

We made it to Jackson Hole!! We decided we are going to stay put here at this gorgeous campground on the Snake River, 12 miles south of Jackson. We had a blast the first day, the second day was less fun... drove about 600 miles through mostly Kansas and some of Colorado. Ended up staying in Laramie. We are NOT the travelers we used to be. 25 years ago we drove from Daytona Beach to Sioux Falls in one sitting. Can't do that anymore.
Today we got to drive through Wyoming, which I think is the MOST beautiful state. Haven't seen them all... but so much of nothing. Noticed some changes too. Alien-looking wind generators or whatever they are called (also saw some in Kansas). Lots of energy type activity... strip mining, miles and miles of pipes waiting to be buried... hmmmm.
Also lots of antelope and deer and hawks.... We are planning to stay here for 3 nights, then head for Missoula on the 20th!!

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Stacey said...

Wow, had no idea Kansas was so pretty. Great to see you having such a wonderful time Judge!